Friday, November 29, 2013

Time in Paihia

  Okay, so much has happened since last I was in range of a computer I think I will split this update up into several sections to keep it easier to follow and to keep you all interested without throwing too much at you all at one time.
  The last time I left off, we had hiked from the west to the east coast and ended our travels in Kerikeri, where I had my first sit-down meal and I bought new trail runners to get me through, until I could get to a town with a wider selection of shoes.  I spent one night in Kerikeri and hitch hiked to Paihia, where I have previously stayed while on my way to the northern most point where the trail actually begins. The family that gave me a ride was visiting with their young son, after having lived in NZ several years prior. They had amazing strories of the places they travelled and gave me much hope and insight on my trip. Thank you Heather, Scott, and baby Jack (whom I loved picking things up for when he made a game of dropping them).

 Paihia the Bay of Islands is a tourist paradise where you can sea kayak, swim with the dolphins, sign up for helicopter tours of the islands. etc. none of which I did.  I mostly sat in the hostel, mending the feet and trying to prep myself physically and mentally for the future task at hand, which, at the time was seeming less and less accomplishable.
  It seemed time was dragging on as I spent a couple days watching my friends move onto the next part of the trail without me, as I sat trying to figure out how people hold still. I attempted watching a couple movies, I tried reading a terrible book, but after 20 pages realized just how terrible it was. Holding still is just not in my nature, but I was trying.  In the meantime I woke early one morning to go down to the beach to make some art.  I wish I were capable of downloading the time lapse videos I created of this piece, but that is all going to have to wait until I get home in a few months.  For now, know that this sculpture, will eventually blow your mind!!!
  Made on the sandy beach and videoed as the tide came in and slowly swept it away.

  My last night in Paihia, I asked my new German friend Marcel if I could use him for a photo project, which seems to have turned into a series, and thankfully he obliged.
  Travelling always holds me fascinated at the difference in flora and fauna between geographic locations, as well as intrigued by the people you meet along the way, so I have combined the two into a series of portraits.



My time in Paihia was at an end.  Although not completely healed, but definitely feeling much better, it was time to move on, so I had arranged transportation to meet my friends in Ngunguru, where the following day, if weather permitted, we were to kayak further down the coast.

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