Monday, November 18, 2013

Dorm roommate alienation. Let the awkwardness begin.

How to completely alienate yourself from fellow hostel dorm mates: Enter dorm room. Sit in bed adjacent to roommates and begin surgically removing toenails which have become detached from hiking in shoes that did not allow for the amount of foot swelling which happens in wet regions. Do so without saying a word of justification and let the elephant in the room grow to exponential size. Bandage feet. Keep detached nails for future artistic endeavors. Leave room...Hahaha! There is something great about being a creepy weirdo. Giving the tourists something to talk about 

     Enter photos that will leave you a changed person (in other words, do not scroll down if you are easily grossed out) Consider yourself warned.

Prior to removal

Believe it or not, they feel much better this way.

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