Friday, November 29, 2013

Excitement at Te Arai

  The surf was gorgeous with a strong undertow, so I pretty much stayed clear the water, plus I already had a sunburn, but that didn't really stop me from re-applying more sunscreen and trolling the beach for sculpting treasures and ideas. It's amazing how all day long you think about the moment you get to stop walking and take the pack off, then once you get to your destination, you take the pack off but all you want to do is explore, so its off for more walking.
  Here's what I found and made, minus one project which is a film. Again, sorry, but for the films you are going to have to wait.

The first couple of penguins I see, and the poor things have perished.

This is part of the film

self portrait: blurred lines

drift would

Aside form the art several other things happened while at Te Arai. For example, since it was Friday all the young "rif raf" showed up to party for the weekend. There were two bon fire parties and I swear at one point I saw laser lights. Needless to say I wore my earplugs when I went to bed, which resulted in two things, sore ears in the morning but a relatively okay sort of rest, and 4 holes in my tent from the possum I didn't hear chewing through, because I had the earplugs in.  I am starting to really understand why we see possum traps all over the forests here. Little buggers!

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