Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wanganui Township: A great place to get lost

After the Tongariro crossing I took my backpack and sunburned face back to Wanganui once again, where we had exited the river trip.  I had packages to pick up from the post and I thought I would take the opportunity to spend a day losing myself in the city just to see what could come of it.  I love travelling around new towns with no direction, and am often guilty of discarding maps so I can properly lose myself down streets I would otherwise have not discovered.  It's also a wonderful way to find yourself lost in thought and open yourself to stumbling into a happy accident, otherwise known as trail magic.
  A small selection of the happy accidents of Wanganui:


Wanganui bell tower

When the cats away

Oh crap, I found the cat!

Star crossed lovers

Passing in the night

  On the way to the Durie Hill elevator which was built to help develop the Durie Hill suburb and opened August 2, 1919 you pass by this beautifully carved fence. (pictured below)

Beyond the fence is the entrance to a tunnel that passes 213 meters into the side of the hill. With each step the echoes sink deeper sounding off with a more intentional resonation than the step preceding.

The atmosphere grows cold and the isolation presses further inward.

  At the end of the tunnel waits a bell.  You ring for the elevator conductor. An ascension of clunks and squeaks in a metal carriage. It smells of damp soil and feels of apocalyptic preparation.

Outside the elevator waits a tower.

A dedication to the fallen soldiers of the first World War.
179 spiraling steps to the top.

Across the river.


Alley C

Umber Alley

 I visited this Catholic/Maori church. Drawn in by the brilliance of the stain glass windows and captivated by the intricate carvings it held within.  Captivated to silence. I was, to phrase it in a cliche manner, quiet as a church mouse. I spent 20 some minutes taking in its intricacies before I felt satisfied and ready to leave.  Unfortunately my silent dedication to the wonders inside cloaked me from its caretaker.  Unaware of my presence they had gone home for the day.  I realized this, when an alarm sounded as I opened the door to leave.  I literally broke out of a Catholic church...read into that what metaphors you please. 

Then onto an art gallery, and museum.

Strange, how I felt so at home in the room of bones.


Cheers to the happy accidents on life.


  1. Saratops, What a pleasure it is to share in your adventure and to see your experiences through your photos. Thank you! -Michael

  2. I am more than pleased for anyone who has an interest in reading it. I cannot wait to share all the art I made/ am making. So thank YOU!!