Monday, December 23, 2013

A Christmas eve poem of my ridiculous adventure: an overal summation of the hilarity within my life.

  Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
  Remember I am living in the future. I can tell you this, your today and tomorrow are going to be wonderful. When I say wonderful I mean that they will literally be full of wonder, so keep the eyes peeled and make sure you don't turn an oblivious eye to what is being given to you both literally and metaphorically.
  I woke up today with bolts of energy. So much to do! So much to see in this beautiful town of Palmerston North. It reminds me of Boise.  It's home to New Zealand's largest university Massey University, so its full of aspiring young people filled with ambition, optimism and angst, ready to learn and change the world!!! Suckers :) Hahaha. I kid I kid.  Honestly though, it is a nice town and really not a bad place to be unexpectedly stuck for the holiday.
  I had intended to come here and get a foot xray while house sitting for a friend (whom I have yet to meet actually), but things get silly around the holidays.  The key which was sent over a week ago has yet to show up at the post office where I was suppose to pick it up. And in order to get an xray, I first have to go to a doctor and essentially get a doctors note saying I need an xray in order to get an appointment to get an xray. So basically I have to go to a doctor tell them what I already know I need, pay them to confirm what I already know, walk across town to the radiology center, get an xray, and pay them to tell me the parts I don't know.  It's silliness I tell you! Silliness I am willing to do, but yesterday was hectic and I didn't have the mental stamina to follow through with all those actions. Instead, I sat down at  beautiful park in the middle of town at the foundation of a  minimalist building whose sole function seem to be projecting classical music for the masses, and I wrote a sarcastic poem of my follies. Enjoy

A Christmas Poem of my Stupid Life

On this day of Christmas eve's eve, I sit in a park and I ponder
of the jokes, pranks and tricks played on me, laid on my feet. I am life's jester.
My visa was lost, my flights were delayed
and my bag didn't make it on the last plane.
They knew where it was, but it took them 3 days
to send it from Sydney. Reunited again!
My bag was too heavy, my toenails too weak,
the rain was persistent, and caused swelling feet.
The rubbing and rubbing and rubbing of toes
caused them to fall off. I have the "No big toenail woes."
I limped through 3 forests, west coast to east.
I got tendinitis, but I made it at least.
I took some time off, and then hit the trail
with he fine company of friends I just couldn't fail.
We made it to Auckland with joy, and with laughter.
The doc said to "rest, and hit the trail after."
I posted up on Waiheke, the island of wine.
Beaches galore, I was going to be just fine.
The last stake pounded, my tent firmly erected,
it started to rain. This was NOT the weather projected.
For 36 hours it rained and it poured.
Oh man how it rained!!! And it was going to rain more.
That much time in a tent, things get weird, that's the truth.
While playing the mouth harp I chipped my front tooth.
What started as grass turned to pockets of puddles.
From puddles to lakes, this was no time to muddle.
I ferried back to the city, caught a bus the next day,
and headed to Hamilton without delay.
From Hamilton, south, over farmland and hills,
up ridges and mountains, through forests that thrill.
To the Top! To the Top! Away we will go!
but with 10 days off, and an old lady hip, this up-going was slow.
The tough get going, but these goings are tough.
But you can't be too sad, in your very first hut!
We laughed and rejoiced under the setting sun's glaze,
while some left the next morning, some of us stayed.
A refreshing day off, then time for more trail
I once thought I was strong, but it turns out I'm quite frail.
"I will soothe these old bones in geothermal pools
Maybe that will do the trick." thought this optimistic fool.
Two days of soaking, and now a long story short,
I sit in a park here in Palmerston North.
I came here to housesit just to keep things cheap
I might also get an xray of one of my feet.
I went to the post, where waiting for me,
should have been a post retstante package, with a house key.
"There's no package for you," she politely explained.
My heart sank deeper than it already had been.
"Check back after lunch, it may be here by then."
When, oh when, will this ridiculousness end!?
So... on this, the day of Christmas Eve's eve, I sit in a park and I ponder
on the jokes, pranks, and tricks played on me, laid at my feet.
I am life's jester.

Life right!? What a ride!  I am happy and grateful for all of you and wish you the best of holidays. Keep your eyes open and searching for wonder.


  1. I just loved this! Misadventure is still adventure but often times more entertaining. You seem to be rockin it with a positive attitude whatever adventure you may be having. Merry, merry Christmas!!!

  2. Thank you Sara, Grandma and Grandpa are getting a kick out of following your travels. Everyday he wants to know if I have heard from you. The map is all marked up with the areas you have been to. I love you and Merry Christmas. Mom

  3. Happy New Year to an amazing young woman!!!! Just to let you know that since you haven't been around to fulfill your duties as "favorite aunt of Teagan's," I am gladly attempting to usurp your position and be "favorite great-aunt of Teagan's". It is with great pleasure and joy that I get to replace your popular position for at least the duration of your travels. Please rest assured that while you are experiencing physical ailments from hiking, that this old lady is experiencing physical ailments from playing "Princess" and "Dancing Queens" with Teagan. Ahhh, but the pain is so worth it, eh! Love and prayers, Aunt Cindy Toot-a-loo Caribou!

  4. Love your christmas poem, they are good to read. Thank you for sharing an awesome post.